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Fossil - Reloj de cuarzo para hombre, de acero inoxidable y cuero, color negro, Fossil Nate - Reloj casual de cuarzo para hombre, acero inoxidable y metal, Fossil Dean - Reloj de cuarzo para hombre, acero inoxidable, cronógrafo, Fossil Decker Reloj cronógrafo de acero inoxidable de cuarzo para hombre. This is not a genuine Fossil watch! I'm a wrist watch junkie, and although I own several silver-toned watches with blue faces, I'd always wanted a gold toned one. Was already right on time and date and everything, This is a beautiful watch but it is a terrible timepiece, Calificado en Estados Unidos el 27 de febrero de 2018. ¡Envío Gratis! Calificado en México el 28 de julio de 2019. I first saw this in the Fossil store and fell in love, but of course I had to check Amazon and it was $27 cheaper. Calificado en India el 21 de octubre de 2018, its just been a month i took this watch from this seller as one can cleary observe in the picture that the rubber of the glass is clearly intact as advised by the fossil official store that its a manufacturing defect i m tryng to replace this product but it shows ot of exchange window but fossil offers a one year warranty guarantee for their products which is not given by the seller even the warranty card is not stamped and signed im stuck after purchasing this watch from this online seller as i m not getting benifits of the warranty attached with the product it’s highly un advisable to buy from this seller, Calificado en el Reino Unido el 10 de octubre de 2015. I am so disappointed because the watch itself is beautiful as well as the price being reasonable but no price is good enough for this watch. Modeled after vintage clocks, our Roman numerals are uniquely designed to provide artistic balance to the dial. which I mean as a compliment. Had I seen it in a shop and been able to handle it before I bought it, I think this would have made me pass and look at other designs. Reloj para Hombre Fossil Grant FS4813IE Cronógrafo Quartz es un artículo de la marca Fossil, Número de modelo: FS4813IE, que encuentras entre las muchas propuestas del catálogo Relojes Fossil. The first day within 12 hours it was 1 minute fast. Just got it! It's sturdy and big, but not as heavy as it may seem at first sight. Sending this back today! Por favor asegúrate de que estás publicando una pregunta. Fossil Número de modelo FS4813IE Número de parte FS4813 Modelo año 2017 Forma del ... 4.0 de 5 estrellas Excelente Precio! My only mild criticisms center on the wristband. This is a recent purchase, so I can't speak to how well the watch holds up over the months & years. Nuestro sistema toma en cuenta cosas como lo reciente que es una calificación y si el revisor compró el producto en Amazon. the strap is also much better quality than usual. 1 Metal de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s), Tick Sharp Analog Watches Off Your Wish List. Great watch for both casual everyday use and business events. © 1996-2020,, Inc. o sus filiales. Functions smoothly and is very easy to set up. The images on this website are misleading because while they show the watch hands clearly, in reality their chamfered spindly metal frames reflect the black of the watch most of the time so unless the light is directly bouncing off the hands, they almost disappear into the black apart from the luminous ends. This is an extremely attractive watch. Con relación precio valor insuperable. On the third day within 8 hours it was 3 minutes slow. Reloj para Hombre Fossil Grant FS4813IE Cronógrafo Quartz - Comprar Relojes Fossil Online Compra online Reloj Fossil FS4813IE al mejor precio. Reloj Fossil caballero, correa piel café, carátula negra, análogo. The leather strap is very stiff, not supple, so the watch doesn't rest snugly on my wrist and it can be difficult to bend the strap enough to slide it through the first loop, which is very close to the buckle. There was no problem with the packaging and I love the cute gift box/tin it came on for Christmas. On the second day it was 2 minutes fast. Hola, Identifícate ... Fossil Modelo FS4813IE Referencia del fabricante FS4813IE Año del modelo ... Un reloj muy hermoso. Solo queda(n) 4 en stock (hay más unidades en camino). Hubo un problema para completar tu solicitud. Beautiful watch, but I'm really disappointed that after wearing it just at home for the last two days, the rose gold already started to tarnish to silver. At certain angles this makes it hard to read the time. Esta función de compra continuará cargando artículos cuando se presione la tecla Enter. Fossil FB-01 - Reloj de cuarzo casual de acero inoxidable para hombre, Tipo de material de la ventana de la esfera.

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