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Following his feud with Mysterio, Guerrero was named number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and given a title match with Batista. [44] However, Guerrero was involved in a car accident on New Year's Day 1999 that cut short the LWO storyline. As a boy, he would attend the wrestling promotions held by his father Gory Guerrero at the El Paso County Coliseum. [42] They faced each other in a hair vs. hair match at Bash at the Beach which Guerrero won. [24] Guerrero participated in a tournament for the vacant WCW United States Heavyweight Championship and defeated DDP in the final round at Starrcade to win the United States title in December 1996. [53] The two slowly began to become popular with the fans, but over the next few months friction began to build between Guerrero and Chyna. He chose Tajiri, and they won the WWE Tag Team Championship, Guerrero's second and Tajiri's first at Judgment Day by defeating Team Angle in a ladder match. for the World Heavyweight Championship, in which Guerrero had been booked to win the title so Batista could take time off to heal from an injured back, but that was later denied by Batista in his book. At Armageddon, The Radicalz defeated The Hardy Boyz and Lita in an elimination tag team match.[53][64]. [110][128], At the Royal Rumble, Guerrero entered at No. [40] At Slamboree, Guerrero defeated Dragón despite interference from Chavo. Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn debuted in the WWF on the January 31, 2000 episode of Raw Is War as The Radicalz, interfering in a match involving The New Age Outlaws. [152] Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), WWE's then developmental territory, also paid tribute to Guerrero on their television taping following his death. Survivor Series team. [141] On the September 9 episode of SmackDown!, their feud ended when Guerrero defeated Mysterio in a steel cage match.[142]. [8], Guerrero won the ECW World Television Championship from 2 Cold Scorpio in his debut match for Extreme Championship Wrestling on April 8, 1995 at Three Way Dance. 81 of the top 500 wrestlers of the ", Ranked No. All storylines were put on hold, and no WWE employees were forced to perform, although several matches took place, including one featuring Chavo, who finished the match with his uncle's finishing maneuver the frog splash. His catchphrase became "I Lie! Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar - No Way Out 2004. – telling Dominik and the audience that Guerrero was his real father. He was so entertaining, but he also had all the technique. An autopsy revealed that Guerrero died as a result of acute heart failure due to underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. They lost the titles to Team Angle (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) on the February 6, 2003 episode of SmackDown!. On November 13, 2005, Guerrero was found unconscious in his hotel room at the Marriott Hotel City Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by his nephew, Chavo. He knew how to structure them. [66][67] In April, The Radicalz feuded with Test and his partners. Guerrero's catchphrase during the latter part of his career with WWE was "Viva La Raza" (which is Spanish for "Long Live the Race"). There have also been several DVDs and books released about his life and career, including Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story (DVD, 2004), Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story (book, released on December 5, 2005), and Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero (DVD 2008). A series of matches with MNM only supported Batista's suspicions that Guerrero was up to no good, as Guerrero appeared to have reverted to his cheating ways. Guerrero then left the company for months, angry at Bischoff for what he had done. Guerrero's team won the match, but Chyna scored the pin on Trish and became a two-time Intercontinental Champion. Brock Lesnar VS Eddie Guerrero No Way Out 2004 En Español Latino. Guerrero went on to win the WWF European Championship and WWF Intercontinental Championship before he was released in 2001 due to addiction issues. [53][61] The engagement was called off when Guerrero was caught showering with two of The Godfather's hos (one was Victoria) claiming that "two Mamacitas are better than one". He became more successful upon his return when he won the 1996 Best of the Super Juniors tournament of junior heavyweights. He climbed to main event status and won the WWE Championship, his sole world championship at No Way Out 2004. At The Great American Bash, Chavo got an upset victory over Guerrero.

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