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Qi Yue and Jiaming grow apart after entering different universities, and their meetings become less frequent and far between. Aquí puedes ver y descargar cualquier dorama que quieras, si no está disponible en el sitio, solo envíanos una solicitud, la subiremos para ti tan pronto como sea posible. Being left with nothing, Qi Yue struggles to keep her family afloat. Their friendship hits rock bottom and Qi Yue's father also falls sick due to the tragedy. There was some skepticism that the drama casted the less experienced Shen Yue and Chen Duling for the role. Dos chicas de la ciudad con personalidades muy diferentes han sido mejores amigas desde que tenían trece años. Two city girls with widely different personalities have been best friends since they were thirteen. Qiyue and Jiaming are in a long-distance relationship after they go to colleges. 七月 与 安生 / Qi Yue yu An Sheng, Another Me, Qi Yue y An Sheng; Qi Yue and An Sheng. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Bei Jie Chi De Si Nian (被劫持的思念) by You Chang Jing (尤长靖). She meets a businessman named Han Dong (Zou Tingwei) and starts to change jobs in order to make a living. Viewing Calendar Let us know why you like Another Me in the comments section. Qi Yue's younger brother Jiu Yue dies trying to save An Sheng. In a small city in the South, the high-spirited An Sheng (Shen Yue) helps her bashful friend Qi Yue (Chen Duling) get together with Jiaming (Dylan Xiong), their senior in high school. Las mejores amigas An Sheng (Shen Yue) y Qi Yue (Chen Du Ling) disfrutan de una amistad que piensan durará para siempre. When Qiyue visits Jiaming at work, she discovers that he has a relationship with An Sheng. Qi Yue se ocupa de la planificación de la boda después de la graduación, pero Su Jia Ming repetidamente la ignora. Pero cuando aparece el guapo Su Jiaming (Dylan Xiong) en la escena, sus vidas … Maybe I skipped a scene or two and the term another me was used, I have no idea. “Otro yo” es un drama chino del 2019 dirigido por James Tsui. En este momento, An Sheng y A Pan terminan su relación. She accidentally runs into An Sheng's birth father and helps them reunite with each other. But when the dashing Su Jiaming (Dylan Xiong) appears on the scene, their lives are thrown into turmoil, with both women falling for him. Nos gustaría enviarte notificaciones cuando subamos nuevos estrenos. Capitulos completos de Another Me gratis, dorama Another Me capítulos sub español para ver online y descargar solo en China , Idol , Romance , Web Dramas , Web Dramas-2019 With Shen Yue, Duling Chen, Ziqi Xiong, Tingwei Zou. Cuando Qi Yue visita a Su Jia Ming en el trabajo, descubre que él tiene una relación con An Sheng. However, fate has a way of bringing Qi Yue and An Sheng together. They two former friends meet again in the workplace, but can they still salvage what's left of their friendship? En una pequeña ciudad en el sur, la animada An Sheng (Chen Yue) ayuda a su tímida amiga Qi Yue (Chen Du Ling) a reunirse con Su Jia Ming (Dylan Xiong), un estudiante de último año en la escuela secundaria. Su Jia Ming gradualmente se siente atraído por An Sheng y para proteger su amistad con Qi Yue, An Sheng se une al cantante de la banda A Pan en sus viajes. Su relación se pone a prueba debido a las complicaciones del corazón. También conocido como: Qi Yue y An Sheng; Qi Yue and An Sheng Best friends An Sheng (Shen Yue) and Qi Yue (Chen Du Ling) enjoy a friendship that they think will last forever. Episode count was changed from 48 to 53 in the records filed with NRTA (formerly SARFT). “Another Me” is a 2019 Chinese drama directed by James Tsui. However, Jiaming is attracted to Ansheng. To this point I cannot see how the title ties into the series at all. Two city girls with widely different personalities have been best friends since they were thirteen. Las dos examigas se vuelven a encontrar en el lugar de trabajo, pero ¿pueden todavía salvar lo que queda de su amistad? He worked with Shen Yue in Meteor Garden as a member of F4. Please also share these fun facts using the social media buttons below. I absolutely, most positively cannot recommend this series to my hopeless romantic‘s, action films lovers, comedy lovers, cuteness lovers, great chemistry lovers or those that like a good plot. The movie version of the drama was a multi-awarded movie that brought critical acclaim to its two female leads Zhou Dongyu and Sandra Ma. Jiaming gradually becomes attracted to An Sheng and in order to protect her friendship with Qi Yue, An Sheng joins band singer A Pan in his travels. Their relationship is tested due to the complications of the heart. In order to protect their friendship, Ansheng runs away with a bar singer. Connor Leong guest stars. Dos chicas de la ciudad con personalidades muy diferentes han sido mejores amigas desde que tenían trece años. Qi Yue busies herself with wedding planning after graduation, but Jiaming repeatedly blows it off. At this time, An Sheng and A Pan end their relationship. - Mira doramas en línea de alta calidad gratis. After everything that they have been through, the two come to realize the true meaning of being soulmates. Qi Yue y Su Jia Ming se separan después de ingresar a diferentes universidades, y sus reuniones se vuelven menos frecuentes y distantes entre sí.

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