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El primer camino de los animales fue capturado por Jiraiya y enviado a Konoha. Strike the Blood cuenta con 1 temporada. Enter Millennion, the largest and most infamous mafia syndicate in the area, which accepts Brandon and Harry into their ranks and starts them at the bottom of the food chain. A todo esto se sumará el encuentro que Touma tendrá con Index, una joven chica que está colgando de un balcón, y que resultará tratarse de una monja que tiene en su mente una colección de un total de 103000 libros mágicos, bajo el nombre de Index Librorum Prohibitorum, así pues, dará comienzo esta aventura en la que la ciencia y la magia se unirán. Too bad Toudou Academy is the hardest possible place to realize their dreams. However, it's not all fun and games; the ability to make any wish come true is a powerful one, and there are others who would do much worse than just wishing for a boyfriend. Haciendo que el usuario se vuelva literalmente un en gigante. Esta técnica también podría adoptar la forma de una barrera alrededor de... Este camino tenia La capacidad principalmente defensiva "Absorción de Energía", ya que fue capaz de absorber "Absorción de Energía". Título alternativo: Sagrada Reset Estúdio: David Production Temporadas: 1 Episódios: 20 (Em lançamento). With the low crime rate in the quiet community, all seems well and good, but the rise of a new villain threatens to put the students' courage to the test and challenge their capabilities as heroes. The powerful and untrustworthy Kingdom of Zilkhstan is accused of orchestrating their capture. La animación de la acción es perfecta, sobre todo para la época. But during the first meeting with these potential newcomers, a mysterious man calling himself Garou makes his appearance. Las llamas tienen una temperatura muy alta, ya que pueden crear un calor que a su vez puede dar lugar a nubes de tormenta. Revealed to possess latent Contractor abilities of her own, Suou is caught between family, friends, and her own sense of purpose as she ventures into the ruthless world of cutthroats and espionage that Contractors call home. Known by the moniker Overhaul, Chisaki's ambitions collide with the League of Villains and its leader, Tomura Shigaraki. Título alternativo: Code Geass: Hangyaku No Lelouch Estúdio: Sunrise Temporadas: 2 Episódios: 50. He is clumsy, talentless, and desperately in love with the school idol Kyouko Sasagawa, a girl so completely out of his league. He is able to escape, however, thanks to the timely appearance of a mysterious girl named C.C., who bestows upon him Geass, the "Power of Kings." When the enigmatic Nao Tomori catches Yuu using his power, she coerces him and his sister Ayumi into transferring to Hoshinoumi Academy, a school for students with supernatural abilities. And there are other Kampfers attending the school who want to take her out, and he's not sure which ones mean "on a date" and which ones mean "permanently." Getsuga: En este estado, el mísmo Ichigo se convierte en Getsuga, por lo que su cuerpo cambia considerablemente su fisionomía. Sinopse: A maioria das histórias giram em torno do estudante Lelouch Lamperouge, um jovem príncipe que na sua infância sofreu um atentado terrorista à sua casa, no qual morreu sua mãe e deixou sua irmã com sequelas graves. Cualquier persona capturada en la técnica podría ser reducida a cenizas. The young Cloud Strife and his band of friends may have defeated Sephiroth and thwarted his plan to crash a giant meteor into the Earth, but this victory was not without great cost. Their whole lives before then were simple and easygoing, consisting largely of local brawls, seducing women, and committing petty theft to make a living and pass the time. But when trouble strikes, they are completely unprepared. Tras estos sucesos, las chicas comenzarán juntas una aventura, con el objetivo de encontrar y recolectar cristales para una organización para la que trabajarán, llamada Flip Flap. Puede ser utilizado para sofocar a sus enemigo o para la preparacion de una tecnica mortal llamada Funeral de la Cascada de Arena. Unsatisfied with their perquisites, F class rallies behind Yuuji, determined to take on the higher-tiered classes in order to seize their perks by using the school's Examinations Summon Battle system. Es la tercera habilidad concedida por el Mangekyo Sharingan, después de Amaterasu y Tsukuyomi. Elemento Viento: Esfera del Vacio (風遁・真空玉, Fūton: Shinkūgyoku) es un jutsu que utiliza la naturaleza tipo Viento, en donde el usuario tras haber inhalado por su boca una gran cantidad de aire pueda lanzarlo en forma de balas de viento comprimido juntados con su chakra. For some people, high school represents the opportunity for a fresh start. 7° Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, Gênero: Comédia, Romance, Sobrenatural, Vida Escolar. Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against GHQ, Shuu must learn to control his newfound power if he is to help take back Japan once and for all. Este encuentro cambia la vida de Ikki mientras se esfuerza por ganar el Festival de Arte con la Espada de Siete Estrellas, un evento anual celebrado por las siete academias de magos en Japón para determinar al aprendiz más fuerte. Convierte al usuario en un hombre terremoto. Enter Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who defies your standard definition of a pirate. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Despite their differences in position, three men—the youngest senior executive of the Port Mafia, Osamu Dazai, the lowest ranking member, Sakunosuke Oda, and the intelligence agent, Angou Sakaguchi—gather at the Lupin Bar at the end of the day to relax and take delight in the company of friends. The dull boy has a grueling road ahead, but with the help of his new criminal affiliates and his peculiar home tutor, perhaps even Loser Tsuna can achieve greatness. Al parecer, con esta oscuridad puede propinar a su adversario un potente golpe cortante de energía oscura. Llegamos al número uno y es sin duda uno de los mejores animes en la existencia y estoy respaldada por un público monstruoso. ¡Es hora de sacar a lucir el poder mágico y enfrentar al mal! Amidst crisis, the group is forced into a power struggle when the Green Clan threatens to overtake the Gold King's domain. Al final, al trabajar juntos se ganan el título de “Estrellas Gemelas”, y estarán destinados a casarse para tener un hijo que será el guerrero espiritual definitivo. With Raditz displaying power beyond anything Gokuu has seen before, he is forced to team up with his old nemesis, Piccolo, in order to rescue his son. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Este es lo sufientemente... Mugetsu: Puede generar de la nada una espada de coloración oscura denominada Mugetsu. A merciless villain by the name of Nine is in search of a certain "quirk" needed to fulfill his diabolical plan—creating a society where only those with the strongest quirks reign supreme. El dominio de Orihime sobre esta técnica se ha incrementado en gran medida a lo largo de la serie, siendo en la actualidad capaz de dirigirla incluso a distancia y disponerla sobre objetivos que se encuentran a distancia de ella y darle otros usos, como cuando lo usó para recoger a Ichigo de su caída tras recibir un Cero Oscuras de Ulquiorra.

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