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By 1246 he supported Sancho II of Portugal in the Portuguese civil war, against Alfonso de Bolonia, who was Sancho's brother. But in September the British and French left the campaign and the King of Navarra Felipe III, husband of Joan II, who had come at the head of his troops, died in Jerez. King of Castile and Leon, born in August 1311 in Salamanca and died during the siege of Gibraltar 27 March 1350. After battling against the resistance that opposed his coronation as emperor, and being defeated, Alfonso X faced another regrettable number of misadventures, notably the death of his heir in 1275. Early in 1072, Sancho II invaded the territories of Alfonso and beat him near the river Pisuerga. After the victory the cities of Elche, Alicante, Murcia, Lorca, Villena and Cartagena were added to his dominions. Alfonso VI, King of Castile. And while this waiver and the complete absorption of the Señorío de Álava within the orbit of the Royal one year later strengthened legal and territorial authority of Alfonso, intrigues were developing in their environment: the King of Portugal pledged with don Juan Manuel to undo the marriage of don Pedro, heir of Portugal, with Doña Blanca, daughter of the infante don Pedro de Castilla, and marry it with Doña Constanza, daughter of don Juan Manuel. [82], Reilly suggests that the marriage had been annulled in 1077, probably because of the lack of children. During this period it is rumored that Queen Joan tried to poison Alfonso on at least one occasion, to pave the way for her own daughter to inherit the throne. In October Algeciras could be supplied due to the dispersion of the Christian army and a month later the Christians just had food. Although the King sent to help square the Admiral Alfonso Jufré, the masters of Calatrava and Alcántara, Córdoba and Seville councils and don Vasco Rodríguez, in advance of the border, unwilling to go in person to the defense of the city, not to leave defenseless realm before the raids of don Juan Manuel, who again offered peace in advantageous conditions if also collaborated in the defense of Gibraltar. Madrid. He also occupied Mayrit (now Madrid) in 1085 without resistance, probably by capitulation. Just two years after the conquest of Seville, Alfonso married the daughter of Jaime I of Aragón, the Infanta Violante de Aragón, with whom he had contracted betrothal in 1245. On 5 June 1463, the nobles in league against him conducted a ceremonial deposition-in-effigy of Henry outside the city of Avila and crowned Alfonso as a rival king. Henry agreed to the compromise with the stipulation that Alfonso someday marry Joanna, to ensure that they both would one day receive the crown. Alfonso XI (13 August 1311 – 26 March 1350), called the Avenger (el Justiciero), was the king of Castile, León and Galicia.He was the son of Ferdinand IV of Castile and his wife Constance of Portugal.Upon his father's death in 1312, several disputes ensued over who … Por parte paterna, sus abuelos eran el rey Enrique III de Castilla y la reina Catalina de Lancaster y, por parte materna, sus abuelos eran el infante Juan de Portugal e Isabel de Barcelos. To reinforce his position, he reconciled with El Cid, who came to Toledo in late 1086 or early 1087. Sides in the fight were led on this occasion by don Juan Manuel, grandson of Fernando III and by Doña María de Haro, widow of infante don Juan of Castile, who sponsored his son, don Juan de Haro the one-eyed man; the infante don Felipe, son of Sancho IV, who lined up on the side of his mother at first before the pretensions of don Juan Manuel, also came into game. "The peninsular and Mediterranean expansion. The son of Ferdinand I, King of León and Count of Castile and his wife, Queen Sancha, Alfonso was a "Leonese infante [prince] with Navarrese and Castilian blood". The hardest hit with the appointment of Sancho as heir were magpie and Raimundo of Burgundy (died 1107) who in 1105 Alfonso (future Alfonso VII), was born to who most powerful Bishop Gelmírezplaced Jay under the protection of the increasingly. The episcopal appointment, unlike in the rest of Europe, did not constitute a source of friction and soon spread the canonical election, although it weighed much the Royal recommendation, leading to the disappearance of the own churches and the generalization of the episcopal tithes. [3], In 2013 a further study based on these results was published by the University of Leon, theorising that Alfonso was poisoned, as his symptoms did not align with those of Bubonic plague, and his remains show no trace of the bacteria Yersina pestis.[4]. For other Princes of Asturias named Alfonso, see. Alfonso VI took advantage of this request to besiege Toledo, which finally fell on 25 May 1085. Upon his father's death in 1312, several disputes ensued over who would hold regency, which were resolved in 1313. After the resounding victory of the Almoravids, ibn Tashufin returned to Seville and Alfonso fled to Coria, from where they marched to prepare the defense of the plaza of Toledo. However, the monarch received much criticism, and considerable opposition due to the expenses that such a nomination entailed. At this point the sources remain silent, but everything seems to indicate that each of the guardians continued with the support of their respective areas of influence and discords between don Felipe, don Juan de Haro and don Juan Manuel continued, reaching to put the Kingdom in a critical situation during the year of 1324. [27] When Urraca refused to exchange Zamora for other cities that Sancho had offered her in an effort to control the fortress of Zamora, "key to the future expansion south of the Duero", Sancho besieged the city.

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